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About Malta

There are many reasons people from all corners of the globe are choosing Malta as the location for their businesses. Malta gained accession to the European Union in 2004. It has a service-based thriving economy, qualified hard-working multilingual manpower, a strong legal and financial regime and competitive tax rates in line with EU regulations.  Such elements surely offer better prospects to companies looking to relocate to an alternative jurisdiction.

Of course, being in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta along with it sister islands of Gozo and Comino, are attractive to many visitors be it for business or pleasure.  It is a superb travel destination having all the services and amenities that match other destinations in the neighbouring counties.  Malta’s historic sites, especially those from the times of the Knights, lovely summers with cloudless skies, blue clear sea water and mild winters are only a taste of its attractions to people who choose to visit.

Malta as a business hub

Whilst life on the island is attractive, its prosperous economy is underpinned by a robust and secure legal framework so that whether aiming to set up a bricks-and mortar business or to run operations through Malta’s legal and financial regime, one can rely on adequate laws and necessary remedies to make this both possible and feasible.

Being a member of the EU, Malta offers the unique opportunity of doing business not only with other EU Member States but also with other countries. Indeed, this is an asset which can be highly advantageous for businesses, providing them with a portal not only to Europe but also to the rest of the world.