Asteria is well-equipped to handle the needs of clients no matter what their desired outcomes may be, ensuring that their business reflects best practices and operates within the necessary legal requirements, allowing it to flourish.
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Company Formation

Asteria draws on its expert team’s knowledge of Maltese and European law to streamline the process of company formation in Malta, assisting with the company incorporation procedure and all the related formalities. Malta presents unique and beneficial opportunities for persons wishing to establish a business structure in a safe and reputable jurisdiction, and Asteria will help steer the waters of this exciting venture, providing reliable guidance and provide a dedicated team to cater to customer needs. Asteria also has a reliable network of professional advisers to provide guidance to customers wishing to avail themselves of the advantages offered by Malta’s business regime.
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A director is essential for any private company and is a requirement for any company based in Malta, under Maltese law. Asteria acts as your corporate director, or procures professional persons to act in their professional personal capacity to do so. A full portfolio of management services can be provided to manage and direct your company’s day-to-day business on a day-to-day basis should this be required.

A company director is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business of the company, and includes ensuring that the company is in full compliance with the applicable laws in the country where the business is set up, and in ensuring that best practices are observed in the company’s operations.

Moreover, it is essential to have a Malta-resident director to ensure that the company’s management is actually carried out in Malta. A dedicated director is therefore pivotal for the continued success of the company.

Asteria provides a professional, but personal, touch in providing this service. While adhering to the client’s wishes as far as practicable, we offer guidance and advice in the business you choose to relocate to Malta.

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Unlike other international jurisdictions, companies who redomicile to Malta are not obliged to liquidate their presence in a third country, thus giving these entities the benefit of retaining  professional networks overseas while expanding their horizons in Malta.

Through its own expertise or that of its professional network,, Asteria assists business owners to prove their eligibility for redomiciliation, prepare all necessary documentation for the Maltese authorities, and ensure that they receive all the advantages of Malta’s competitive tax system.

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A Company Secretary is an official role in terms of the Companies Act, and this appointed officer ensures that a company fulfils  legal obligations under the Companies Act in a timely, cost-effective and prompt manner.

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Registered Address

Under Maltese law, every company must have a registered address in Malta, as the point of liaison between the company and its business partners, and between the company and the competent authorities.  Moreover, the registered address houses the company’s statutory records and other important documents which need to be available for review at the registered address.

Asteria provides businesses with registered addresses in the Maltese Islands in full compliance with Maltese law, thereby providing companies with a physical address and all attendant legal facilities to help businesses operate in a smooth and professional manner.