Notice To Clients and Colleagues on COVID-19 in Malta

Asteria wishes to inform clients, colleagues and the general public about its policies and procedures in situations such as the prevalent one regarding COVID-19, in order to ensure continued and uninterrupted services while protecting its staff.

We have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan that has now been triggered in order to ensure that the impact of COVID 19 on our business – and yours – is minimal.  This is particularly important in view of deadlines that will continue to be in force in terms of submission of certain documents.

Employee and client well-being: 

  • Our first duty of care is to our highly valued employees and our families and to avoid unnecessary risks to them and our clients and colleagues. 
  • We have asked all employees to work remotely for the time being; however the office is only accessed by ourselves and if needed, we can access it one at a time in order to retrieve any hard copies of items should servers be unavailable. 
  • Client meetings shall be held remotely – indeed, this has already been our policy since most of you are abroad. We will use this time to connect rather more frequently with our clients where this has become necessary. 
  • You can continue to contact us by email, Skype, Whatsapp or mobile until further notice. 

Business Continuity: 

  • We have a fully documented and up-to-date business continuity and disaster recovery plan, which covers such situations and which has now been triggered. 
  • All of our employees are capable of securely and effectively working away from our offices for an extended period of time. Our IT and telecommunications infrastructure allows us to operate seamlessly wherever the team may be. 
  • We will continue to deliver our services and support remotely. We recommend sending documents electronically and following up by post; postal articles will be collected and processed giving a couple of days for protection
  • In the event of a total lockdown or further spread of the virus, we recommend that, aside from the above, you temporarily refrain from sending physical documents until all has been cleared.
  • In terms of original or certified documents required, you can send scans to the undersigned, together with a selfie showing the actual document.  This applies in particular to ID, driving and other licences and passports.

. Ongoing monitoring: 

  • We are listening closely to the guidance of the medical authorities in Malta, and in the jurisdictions of business of client companies.
  • Our corporate guidance will continue to evolve based on recommendations received by the authorities, our compliance officers and any medical information being reliably received.  There is currently no impact on our services. 

Should any events occur that impact our services, we will communicate afresh, with our updates and this should hopefully address your concerns. 

We are also taking this time to update client files with the necessary due diligence information, so client files will be up to date.  Please bear with us: while this is might appear to be an inconvenience, we are making the most of the situation where people have reduced ability to travel and focus on core business activities and might therefore be able to give attention to such important matters.

Wishing you all the best for these difficult times.

Yours faithfully

Geraldine Spiteri (Dr.)

Managing Director

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