About Us


About Asteria

Asteria Management Limited was established in 2011. It provides a range of corporate services that help small and large companies alike benefit from the unique opportunities offered by the regulatory framework in Malta as well as the advantages of operating in an EU member state.

Its Managing Director is Dr Geraldine Spiteri who was engaged in this capacity in June 2018, having previously worked as an external director with clients of the company, in another capacity. Her proactive approach and professional expertise in various regulated sectors, together with her competent staff, guarantee that Asteria’s clients receive personalised and knowledgeable advice and support on all matters affecting their business.


Geraldine Spiteri

Dr Spiteri obtained her warrant to practise law in 2002 after completing a law degree at the University of Malta, specialising in communications law. She furthered her studies in EU and Comparative Law obtaining a Magister Juris also from the University of Malta. Later she obtained a Masters in International Maritime Law, LL.M., at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute, a subsidiary of the International Maritime Organisation. Dr Spiteri acted as a judicial assistant in the past and presently is a member of the Chamber of Advocates of Malta. She also practices before the Courts of Justice in Malta and the Ecclesiastical Tribunal.

Dr Spiteri has held the post of Director – Primary, Manufacturing and Retail Markets at the Office for Competition (Malta), gaining wide experience in terms of team management and international/EU relations. She also headed a number of corporate and yachting departments in other entities operating in the fields of corporate services, aviation and yachts, both on a full time capacity as well as on the basis of collaboration or consultation.


Our Values

Asteria gives priority to its clients and business partners ensuring that professionalism and transparency are an integral part of the services it offers. Though professional, Asteria’s approach comes with a personal touch, which is essential to the smooth operation of any business. Clients are therefore guaranteed a dependable and trustworthy experience and focus is given to the specific needs of any client.